• 1. Quest for Light

    1. Quest for Light

    The greatest tragedy in life is to have eyes yet walk in darkness. The source of light is knowledge. This is the key to liberty, freedom and deliverance. Light is sweet and adds color to life. The knowledge of God is multi-colored and comes in an infinite variety of innumerable aspects. We must locate this knowledge. This book is written with a desire to fashion a champion out of you. It will lift you up from the pit to the pinnacle, from the valley to the peak, from the bottom to the top. Light separates between winners and losers. Quest for Light from obscurity and into the limelight.


  • 2. Battling for Your Prophetic Destiny

    2. Battling for Your Prophetic Destiny

    You have a great destiny! In this book, Herman outlines ten golden gleanings that enable winners to overcome the barriers to their special and prophetic destiny. If you embody these ten gleanings, you have already won the battle for your destiny. Battling for your Prophetic Destiny will show you how you can confidently pursue and achieve the dreams that you have carefully nurtured in your creative spirit.


  • 3. The Road to Arrival

    3. The Road to Arrival

    Dreams are the cornerstone of life. They are the foundation of hope. However, every dream needs a mechanism for bringing it to life. In this delightful book, you will be challenged to plug into your dreams and ignite the fire to bring that dream into reality. Do you have dreams that you do not know how they are going to pass? Are you seeking principles for actualizing your dreams? If your answer is yes, this book is a must for you. The Road to Arrival will enable you to avoid procrastination and get unstuck in your pursuit of your dreams.


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Herman J. Najoli Store
Herman J. Najoli Store

What’s your dream? What kind of legacy do you want to leave in this world? How will you know when you attain it?
These and many others are questions we all ask ourselves. If you want to actualize the dreams within you, live a remarkable life and win the battle for your destiny, then these books will get you there.
Each of these books is filled with knowledge, insight and wisdom that is designed to enable you live an epic life.


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