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Choose to Increase Value

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

We have been told many times in the past that “If you build it, they will come”. This line was popularized by a movie, Field of Dreams, I believe. While this was a great line for many years, it proves to be insufficient for today’s world. Today’s world demands that whatever you build must provide value. Value is measured by the contribution that your idea brings to the table. The line that works in our world today, as opposed to the world of Field of Dreams, is this: “If you build it and it provides value, they will come.”

Let’s talk about value then: the value that you and I bring to the table. I know and feel that, as conscientious individuals, you and I absolutely love what we do. Just like you, I wake up every morning and I want to give my absolute best in whatever I do throughout the day. Some people will say that most people don’t have a passion for what they do. They do just enough to keep from getting fired because they are being paid just enough to keep from quitting. I hope that’s not your situation because I want you to embrace the idea of providing maximum value on a daily basis. When you embrace such an attitude, your life gains immense purpose and power. Elevate your life, give maximum value on a daily basis. 

Making A Mark Through Friendships

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Friends make life colorful. They add excitement and enjoyment to life. Having good friendships is therefore essential to making a mark. Here are three important things you can do to add depth to your life in the area of friendships:

1. Cultivate The Desire to Make Friends 

You must first have a desire to make friends if you are going to have any. I can’t count the many times I have approached people with a desire to make friends only to realize that these people did not have any desire to make any friends in life. It’s impossible to force a friendship. The journey to making friends is a two-way street. If an offer for friendship is met with a negative reaction, it will be impossible to plant any seeds of friendship.

2. Take Steps to Enhance Your Personal Growth 

The truth is that you must be a quality person if you expect to have quality friends. Friendships grow based on the personal growth of the ‘friends’. Your circle of friends will only grow in response to your own personal growth. Think of each new friend you make as a lifetime friend. Over the course of their lives, what do you expect to contribute to your friendship? It is your personal growth which will determine that.

3. Take Your Friendships to the Next Level

Friendships that stagnate at one level will never last for a lifetime. If you will keep friends for a long time, you have to discover new ways to reach out to your friends. Take steps to improve the experiences you have with your friends. Consider their needs. The best way to do this is to just ask. Ask your friends if there is anything you can do to improve your friendship. Ask them why they enjoy being friends with you.

Holding People Accountable

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Giving feedback and holding people accountable are perhaps two of the toughest things anyone could ever do in the area of relationships. Human beings have an innate desire to want to be in ‘good books’ with those around them.  Most of the time we do our best to steer clear of anything that could jeopardize the relationships in our lives.

I have a friend who had a mentor that he respected so much. This mentor was great in many aspects of his life except for one – he drank too much. My friend struggled with giving strong feedback to this person for many years. However, one day he decided to talk about it. This proved to be very fruitful because the mentor really appreciated it and made the changes he needed to make in his life.

The truth is that people do value honest feedback – particularly if they are committed to becoming the very best they could be. Stephen Covey, bestselling author of The 8th Habit wrote, “The students I am closest to from my years as a teacher are those I gave strong feedback to. “You’re better than that. I won’t let you off the hook. There are no excuses. You can pay the price.” Many have told me that holding them to the responsible course — having them live with the full consequences of their actions — was a life-changing, defining moment, though hard for both of us at the time.” So, be confident in giving strong feedback today. You never know. You just might make a great difference for someone.

Associations can make or break your destiny

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

In The Road to Arrival, I talk about the need to connect with individuals with whom you can establish win-win relationships that allow you to grow as you pursue your dreams. Prolonged interaction and association with dream-builders will hasten the realization of your dreams, purpose and destiny. Plato once said that an unexamined life is not worth living. I say, ‘unexamined friendships and associations are not worth having’. We need to take inventory of our friendships and associations every now and then. Associations are powerful.  

Your associations can make or break your destiny. I like what Andy Andrews, bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift said “I am who my friends are. I speak their language, and I wear their clothes. I share their opinions and their habits. From this moment forward, I will choose to associate with people whose lives and lifestyles I admire. If I associate with chickens, I will learn to scratch at the ground and squabble over crumbs. If I associate with eagles, I will learn to soar to great heights. I am an eagle. It is my destiny to fly.”

Let us learn to associate with eagles. To become an eagle you must learn to identify and associate with other eagles. Please review my December 14, 2006 post, In Search of Eagles. Find and associate with eagles and your life will be transformed. 

Life at the Highest State of Productivity

Saturday, July 21st, 2007

July 21st is a special day for me. On my other blogs I have written extensively on key questions I’m asking myself this July 21st. Here. I just want to share a few statements on the epic life that I’m living – a life of flow. Flow is simply living life at the highest state of productivity. Every day I’m on a quest to live an epic life – a life of engaging, participating, interacting and creating in society; a life of significance, purpose, direction and potential. This July 21st I want to wish you the same – a life of flow and epic experiences. Have a great day! (Check out my Epic Flow blog)

Evaluated Experience, not experience, is the best teacher

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

Winston Churchill once said, “The further backward you look, the further forward you can see”. Hindight, in other words, is the basis of foresight. Experience, therefore, is not the best teacher. It’s evaluated experience that makes the difeerence.

Developing Global Perspectives

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Nothing demonstrates the beauty of humanity more than a coming together of people of all races and backgrounds. I’ve always enjoyed mingling with people from other countries and cultures. That is why I chose to volunteer with an organization that is doing a lot to build cross-cultural understanding in my city. If we are going to make a positive impact in this Century we will need to understand our place in the global community of humanity. Every human being, regardless of social status, needs to have a dream of at least visiting another country and culture at one time or another in his or her life. Having a global perspective really changes how you see your own community.

It’s true that kids dream of visiting other countries and touring around the world but somehow that dream dies before they even get into their teenage years. What kills the dream? Is it the comfort of being in their own safe and secure neighborhoods? Whenever I visit schools to speak with kids, I always encourage them to hold onto that dream. Such an opportunity is an eye-opener and should never ever be passed up. I’ve been to a few countries and each experience was amazing in it’s own way. In today’s world it is unthinkable to live and operate without an understanding of the world around us.

Free Live Online Training!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

My goal is to empower you with resources that will bring you vast progress in realizing the your full potential. One of favorite online resources is The Success Training Network. This evening they will be having a free live event and Vic Johnson will be focusing on goals and why New Year’s resolutions don’t work (I talked about this in my December 28 blog). I’d like to encourage you to attend this event tonight. Here’s the link: Goals2Go Live With Vic Johnson. You will need to register for this event. See you there!