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Overcoming Blogging Anxieties

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Life has enough anxieties. Blogging doesn’t have to be one of them. There have been times when darkness has clouded my inspiration and the ability to produce has vanished from my consciousness. In those moments I’ve always sensed that demon lurking by. The strange irrational fear of losing my creativity implants itself in that part of my mind that doesn’t realize that there is nothing to fear except fear itself. I summon all my courage and pounce at the frightening image lurking in the shadows. In the ensuing battle, I realize that I am fighting myself. The demon was a figment of my imagination! This realization jolts me back to life. Darkness disappears and light floods my inner being. Creativity and inspiration begin to flow out of the depths of my imagination. My tongue gets loose. My fingers start writing. My mind begins to produce. Energy begins to flow out of my inner being. Watch this:

Long time ago in the land of blogauthorsphere,
There lived men and women who found pleasure in writing,
Theirs was a peaceful land until the ghosts and demons invaded it,
Thirteen thousand imaginary ghosts and demons!

They named the huge one Writer’s block,
If he had a father no one knew,
If he had relatives, no one knew,
Only that they feared him so much.

One day a fighter arose from their midst,
His name was Knowisdomagic – full of insight and power,
Knowisdomagic decided that enough was enough,
He dragged writer’s block to the bottom of the lake,
And they all lived happily ever-after in blogauthorsphere.

What you do daily

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

I have come to learn that what you do daily determines who you become permanently. That is why I blog daily since December 1, 2006. By bringing myself to a point of daily focus of my thoughts on concepts that are allowing me to grow and share my life, I am creating room for even more good to come into my life so that I can share it with others. It’s been said that whatever you focus on expands. By focusing my thoughts every day through the blogging process, I am able to expand my understanding of the very same concepts. What a beauty!

Principle-Centered Blogging

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Blogging has quickly become an international pastime. It has crossed across country borders, races, gender, occupations and age groups. An example of how blog-happy people have become can be seen in the very room where you are seated, reading this blog. With the explosion of this medium of delivering information, we are beginning to see bloggers emanate from all corners of the planet. While most bloggers have produced content that is making a huge difference in the world, a few have used blogging as a means to tear down others, vent about issues that they perceive to be wrong or engage in gossip. Stories abound in blogosphere of how unprincipled blogging has ruined lives. Many blogs have become avenues of opinionated thinking and closed discussion, where unwanted posts and comments are quietly deleted.

Great blogging is centered around good principles that govern human relationships. Blogging is nothing more than an extension of life to an online medium accessible to a wider audience. In my experience of reading and writing blogs, I find that people tend to lean more towards blogs that seem to be founded on correct principles. People want information that will make them successful at work, at home and in every other area of their lives. (O.k., there’s that group of  readers who care about nothing more than “the latest scoop from hollywood”).

If we are going to unleash the fulness of our potential and experience the best that life has to offer we will need to engage in blogging that is centered on culturally accepted principles. Blogging is about information dissemination. Any information that is transmitted from one human being to another ought to be geared towards empowering that other person with knowledge or skills. The challenge of blogging is to add value, not to subtract value. And when it comes to adding value, I think we are just beginning to tap into a medium that offers great potential if done right.  

The Joy of Blogging

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Blogging is fun. When I started blogging four months ago, I had no idea that I would not only be doing it with this passion, but also “expand” into having four fully active blogs. My first ever post, Conception and Birth of A Dream, and venture into blogosphere came on December 1, 2006. Since then, I have continued to blog on a daily basis. I like to look at this blog as a business blog. My other blogs are:

1. Philosophy/Philanthropy Blog

Epic Flow was born out of a desire to Engage, Participate, Interact and Create in society. It is an endeavor to contribute to society and impact it positively. 

2. Youth Resource Blog

Empowered Youth is subtitled, Hot Personal Development for Smart Youth. This blog highlights the challenges in the lives of today’s youth and endeavors to provide solutions that empower youth to live a better life. 

3. Personal Insights Blog

The subtitle for this blog is Optimum Outcomes for Smart and Sharp Living. This blog is an off-shoot of the Better Life Optimum Outcomes Magazine (BLOOM).   

The content interchanges between all my blogs. It’s been an exciting four months of developing ideas, thoughts and resources and publishing them online in a form that is easily accessible. Even with all the myths that exist about blogging, it still has been a very rewarding process for me.

Why a Gazette?

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I grew up reading a gazette every morning – nowadays I run into many people who call it a newspaper. In Swahili we used to say “Gazeti”. It made my morning every day when dad would give me two shillings so that I could run to the local ‘kiosk’ and buy the Daily Nation (they weren’t delivered at our door-step as they are today). Growing up in Kenya, we got our news and information from the gazette. You see, there was only one TV station and it didn’t start broadcasting till 4:00 pm on weekdays and 12 Noon on Saturdays. Those were the ’70’s and ’80’s in Kenya. We didn’t have the internet as it is in the developed world. Today in Kenya, there are a couple of TV stations all broadcasting 24 hours a day and hundreds of internet cyber-cafes where wayfarers can make quick stops and get instant connection to the news from all over the world.

My naming of this blog, Better Life Online Gazette, is a symbolic attempt at swinging back into my past so that I can simultaneously use that insight to kick forward into the future. Think of a child on a swing. The more he leans all the way back, the easier it will be for him to swing higher. Through this BLOG I’m hoping to uncover a rich depth of information that could easily be forgotten in my past and develop it into concrete insight that can lift people to a higher plane of existence. This blog will be a magnet – a cynosural meeting point – where past practices will interact with future possibilities in order to unleash present potential.

The Better Life Online Gazette will be a tool of growth and development. A huge chunk of my understanding of the world as a young boy was derived from my daily reading of the Kenyan gazette. My paradigm of life now is that I need to give to the world in appreciation of what I have received from it. My daily musings in the BLOG will hopefully be a marvelous catalyst for growth and development in many other people’s lives.