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Quantum leaps: What it takes…

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Success is the offspring of leadership. It takes having a good leader for a group to achieve results at whatever it sets out to accomplish. Now, excellent leadership brings significance, which is the highest quality in the success family (lack of leadership leads to survival, poor leadership leads to stability, good leadership leads to success and excellent leadership leads to significance – those are the four members of that family: survival, stability, success and significance). Leadership has a lot to do with having the right vision, the courage to pursue it, the aptitude to share it and the wisdom to develop others as they join in the dream.

What it takes to achieve excellence is greatleadership. It takes a certain kind of nurturing by life’s events before one begins to change his posture and ascend in the nature of results that he or she gets from life. Quantum leaps come from dramatic alterations of perspectives, positions, purposes and passions. All it takes is leadership – not money, not ideas, not buildings, not anything else – but excellent leadership!