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To dive or not?

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

In exactly one week I will be presenting for my comprehensive exams. Over the past few years I have been in a graduate program that has, besides other things, kept me from developing this blog consistently. I feel almost like a sky-diver just about to jump out of a plane, not knowing what to expect once he leaves that which he can see, touch, feel and smell. He looks down at the sheer expanse of sky below him and knows that the flight will be exhilerating but he shudders at the idea that anything could happen that could potentially alter his entire life. What does he do? Should he jump out of the plane and experience the infinite limitless or should he stay in the plane and forever live in the finite limited? What should he do? You ask, “Is he scared?” You bet he is!! You quip, “But he’s conquered almost similar challenges before!” Yes, he has but no one ever stepped into the same river twice. Every new attempt at the impossible (even the possible that is seemingly impossible) is a whole new endeavor that calls for a rising of new human spirit. You wonder, “What is he going to do now?” The answer to that lies within the individual because every one of us is a sky diver whether we know it or not. What separates the true divers from those who never do it is GANAS. GANAS means desire. Live life as a meaningful specific so that you do not settle as a wandering generality.