Family First: Making a Mark Begins at Home

As I celebrate my birthday today, I want to clarify what I believe making a mark is all about. As a young kid growing up I used to hear many of the significant people around me say that charity begins at home. This particularly became a joke when my brothers and sisters would want some act of kindness or generosity from me. As I’ve advanced in age, I have come to realize that being charitable is simply one of the ways in which we can make a mark in society. Just like charity, making a mark begins at home.

The key to success in life is to have a set of values that guide one’s life. These values are best developed in a family environment. If we will make a mark, the needs of our families must come first. You cannot mess up in the family arena and expect to make a solid mark in society. Making a mark begins at home. What value would there be in making a difference all over the world yet being a wreck when it comes to making a mark with the people closest to you? You have to focus first on making a difference with those closest to you before you can make a significant mark with the rest of society.

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