Dream-Sense: Power Up Your Vision for a Better Future

This afternoon I’ve been thinking of the idea of destiny and how we have the potential to sense that which we were born to accomplish and then make it a reality. Stories abound of how people have pursued their dreams and made them real life experiences in their personal lives. If someone can dream of accomplishing big things as an eight year old boy, then go on to pursue that dream and make it a reality, isn’t it possible that we can do the same? What’s your dream? Can you sense it? Can you touch it, feel it, smell it and taste it? Can you hear people congratulating you for pursuing and making your dream a reality? I call this dream-sense.

Dream-sense is that ability to live in your dreams today. It is the faculty of experiencing the life today that you know is coming toward you tomorrow. Most people live for the world that is past instead of the world that is coming. Dream-sense is about living for that which is coming. It’s about making tomorrow a reality in your experiences of today. It’s about enlarging your thoughts so that your mind can fully grasp and experience that which the eyes are yet to see. Dream-sense is being able to see yourself being and doing today that which you are yet to manifest in your life. Go ahead. Generate your dream-sense.  

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