The Power of a Good Hunch

Earlier today, my wife and I were talking about how many times we get hunches to do something but fail to indulge in those hunches for one reason or another. Many hunches are treated as passing thoughts when in reality they can become powerful ideas with life changing implications. A good hunch, if acted on and carefully pursued, can lift one up from obscurity and into the limelight. A good hunch has the power of significantly altering the direction of one’s life. Hunches should therefore be taken seriously. Here’s an exercise:

Write down a list of all your past hunches you didn’t indulge in. Rate them on a scale of one to ten on possibility factor. Beside each, write down why you think the hunch has that rating. Now write down your present hunches. Rate them one to ten on a possibility factor. Now, act on those hunches that have high possibility rates.

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