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Embrace the Hard Things

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

Have you ever been told by someone to “take things easy”? This happens a lot when people are parting and one says to the other “take it easy”. Is life supposed to be easy? Life has challenges and difficulties. Every day we face myriads of obstacles that make it impossible to take things easy. I think the right advice should be “embrace the hard things”. It’s the hard things that bring reward, fulfillment and joy in life. It’s the hard things that shape our character and mold our attitude.

If everything we ever wanted in life was easy to attain then everyone would be saying, “Open Sesame”. Even fulfillment and happiness come the hard way. We have to work at each of these. We have to labor to enter into the rest of enjoying the things that we really want in life. So, don’t take it easy today. Go hard!